This blog will take you on a trip through the solar universe; we will be covering everything from the simple Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panel, smart battery backup systems (Peak shaving, load balancing, self-consuming), when it is the right time, new emerging technologies, domestic and foreign policies. There is a cornucopia of information that I will attempt with mellifluence backed by facts and the scientific process.

How does solar fit into your life, today, tomorrow and for a lifetime?

Producing energy is generally a nasty business; it has, does and will continue to damage the environment at ever increasing levels. Multiple pollutants – toxic waste, carbon emissions, nuclear byproducts, and so many others it would be an arduous list to create. All resulting in ever-increasing health problems from our pollution.

Yet, every day our big blue marble is showered with precious solar rays 35,000 times the average daily consumption of all energy planet-wide. Accessing just a fraction of this resource will result in phenomenal positive changes to our planet and the daily life of every human.

With limited reserves, many energy sources are being depleted. Mankind is in a jeopardize state.

We all have seen embargos, tariffs, juntas, riots and destruction over the need for energy, either it be oil, natural gas, shale, fracking, so on and so forth. Resulting in never-ending price increases with no end in sight.

If one were to make a pro and cons list for solar, it would be heavily lopsided in the favor of solar.

It may not be the time to go off grid and live in a cabin – those drastic thoughts should be shelved. As we get on the same page, you can play an important role, simple but important – protect and save the environment, become energy independent, and further strengthen our country from within. Believe it or not, this is the greatest part; you will save thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Money that can be devoted to more important life choices, such as children’s education, viable retirement plan, again a lengthy list to assemble, but it is one of the more enjoyable lists to build. Planning with your own personal treasure from the sun, now that sounds fun!

Let the fun begin!

Jamie Burns MSE