With electric bills increasing, more and more homeowners want to be more aware of how and when they consume energy so they can better manage their energy consumption and lower their costs and impact on the environment.

Consumption Monitoring solutions collect, store, and report on your electric usage over time. Most Solar Systems provide the ability to track energy production while Net Meters provide the ability to track net delivery or consumption; but, neither provide the ability to track total consumption.

Some Consumption Monitoring Solutions can also inform you of which electric device was turn on and off and when and how much energy was consumed during that time frame by that device.


Knowing your electric consumption within a day and over larger time periods allows you to determine how much you use and when and your usage patterns over time.

Combining your usage data with your current electric rate plan would enable you to determine when best to perform certain tasks (e.g. running the clothes washer) to help reduce your electric bill. Combining your usage data with your Solar System production data would enable you to determine and choose the best rate plan (e.g. Tiered vs. Time-of-Use).

With the ability to see usage by device (e.g. Sense), you would be able to determine which devices should be upgraded to more efficient versions (e.g. Variable Speed Pool Pumps).


Aviara Solar offers the following Consumption Monitoring devices: Sense; Enphase; SunPower; SolarEdge

Decision Factors
Considering the relatively low cost of these devices and the actionable value they provide, the payback is usually a few months.
How It Works

Consumption Monitoring solutions consist of Current Transformers (CTs) that are installed around the power lines where measurement is required (usually the main lines entering the Electric Main Panel)

The CTs capture and provide data to the Consumption Monitoring device that analyzes the data. These data are then transferred via WiFi or wired network to you on your computer or mobile device.

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