Aviara Solar’s Maintenance Service offers solar system health check, troubleshooting and repair services to customers who did not purchase their system from Aviara Solar. The components that comprise the solar system, including the solar panels, inverters, mounting hardware, monitoring devices, the electrical wiring and devices, and storage batteries are reliable devices which have no moving parts, no user serviceable parts, and require no user maintenance.


This service is ideal for owners whose original installers do not or cannot support their system (e.g. original installer is no longer in business). The only item that may require attention is the solar panels the may require cleaning. Over time, and depending on your environment, the panels may become coated or covered with dirt and debris. There may also be events, such as nearby fires, that may coat the panels with soot, sap from nearby trees, or bird droppings. Usually, in most parts of the country, normal rainfall will keep the solar panel clean. If you are aware of such events occurring or if you notice a constant drop in production for no obvious reason (e.g. cloudy weather), then the panels should be visually checked and cleaned, if required.




Ensuring that your solar system is fully operational is important since the financial benefits are directly dependent on the system producing the maximum amount of energy it is capable of.

A marginally or non-operational system will increase your payback period and decrease your return on investment.


We offer this service on an affordable per incident basis or, for greater value, on an annual maintenance contract basis. Per-Incident based services include: System Health Check; Troubleshooting; and Repair. Annual Maintenance Contract is offered for fully functioning systems that includes all of the Per-Incident Services, if needed, for a fixed annual cost.

Decision Factors

Deciding between the Per-Incident and Annual Maintenance options should aim to maximize energy generation while minimizing the ongoing operational expense. Paying on a Per-Incident basis may be beneficial if your system incurs few issues but may be costly if many issues occur. The Annual Maintenance Plan provides the benefits of incurring a fixed cost and more peace of mind, but may be more costly if your system does not require any service (analogous to buying insurance).

Aviara Solar’s Value

Aviara Solar has been in business for over eleven years and we are still growing. We are committed to protecting our customers' investments for the long term through innovation, efficiency, and quality. We offer products and services that provide value to our customers at a price that makes the solution financially feasible. We are CSLB licensed so you can be assured that we can skillfully handle any issues related to any of the major components of the solar installation.

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