Smart Home Installations San Diego
Smart Home Benefits

Flex Energy Monitoring Solution uses a proprietary Broadband and Cellular Gateway provide each homeowner with solar real time power usage display, control, and automation. You can use a mobile device or web browser to review your PV system performance on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, and compare with your energy consumption patterns.

Get real time power usage display. Monitor the performance and value of each solar system. Track your energy usage patterns at home in comparison to PV generation. Receive seasonal and weather trend analysis so you can make smart decisions. Customize how you automate your energy consumption to reduce any NEM 2.0 Time-of-use usage charges.

Smart Home San Diego

Aviara Solar offers a complete home energy management solution by installing and integrating smart home energy that give you the control of how and when you can activate specific appliances in your home to further reduction your energy costs and your environmental footprint. The flexibility of automation allows you to customize your home's electric usage anytime, anywhere.

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